3 Mindsets of Success

Remove your mental blocks to find clarity and courage | taught by Scott Wilhite

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THE 3 MINDSETS OF SUCCESS (click "Read More")

Get rid of what's holding you back 

If you're honest with yourself, you know that the one thing standing between you and greater success is... well, you. It's your mindset. Your belief system (or limiting belief habits). 

Get clarity and control by recognizing what thought patterns are helping you, and which ones are holding you back. 

As a recovering self-saboteur, I'm so grateful that others were kind enough to point out where my mindset was not serving me well. This three-part series is my gift to you as a way of paying it forward. I hope you the insight you need to get yourself to the next level. 

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Scott Wilhite
Scott Wilhite
author | speaker | filmmaker

Scott Wilhite was living the American dream on the outside, but inside he was empty and unfulfilled. To others it looked like he had an enviable life. He was an award-winning commercial film director, which gave him both creative freedom and opportunities to travel the world. But inside he was angry, frustrated, and ready to explode. He felt stuck, trapped, ashamed, undeserving, and lost. His discontent began affecting his relationships with his wife and kids and he was unknowingly heading down a path of self-destruction. On a trip to Cambodia something happened that changed his life. The poor, impoverished people of that region had something he lacked and desperately wanted—this began his journey to find lasting fulfillment. He’s now the creator of the Feed Your Happy app, the best-selling author of The 7 Core Skills of Everyday Happiness, and the instructor in the GetHappyNow.LIFE online course. 

Connect personally with him at: scott@ncourage.life